With social media sites such as  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it’s never been easier to get your product in front of consumer eyes. But simply seeing or being reminded of the existence of a product is not enough to move the needle. That’s why it’s important to put thought into every communication your company makes, whether it’s a sponsored video on instagram or a 30 second spot for the Superbowl.  It makes sense for your message to be strong, creative, and competitive. These days, the content that kids are creating for social media is more creative and impactful than most television ads. Imagine harnessing that type of spontaneous creativity for your product.

The image above shows a instagram sponsored video ad for ihop, which basically amounts to a 3 frame gif. Booth table, enter carafe and mug, then the words, “Fuel Up!” This line is neither new nor compelling. And given that video advertising is more expensive than display advertising, make sure your video is saying more than a display ad can. This video’s creative certainly could have been communicated in a display ad, and for less money.

And why not “Fuel Up!” at Starbucks? Think about your message, can the competitor say the same thing about their product? Why fuel up at ihop? Your message should come from the answer to that question. Free coffee with a breakfast plate? Starbucks can’t offer that. Social media gives companies a way to offer the consumer something creatively, to become part of the story, to want to follow. Get your followers to participate by tagging their experience, reward them. The sky’s the limit, so be creative and don’t miss an opportunity.

Beside the fact that the instagram ad could have been more creative, it could’ve also been a cheaper display ad within the users photo feed, as opposed to a video in the ‘stories’ queue. The same concept is communicated in this re-worked, static shot.

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