We think of brand as the way a product or service presents itself to the consumer on the shelf or in advertising, but brand can be much more than a color palette, logo, imagery and copy style, etc. Brand can function for the consumer. You may call this a product benefit, but the consumer will tie this benefit to their ‘brand experience’ and consider it an advantage.

Take, for instance, Nivea Shaving Cream. The consumer is presented with a simple, clean design, contemporary colors, and a slender can. It looks great and all of the elements are there to make it feel like a ‘good’ choice. The slender can though, the hidden brand advantage, the can that happens to be made of aluminum. Meaning, in wet or humid conditions, will not rust and leave a stain on your bathroom surfaces or in your medicine cabinet. To the consumer, this is a great ‘brand’ advantage, their advantage. And, with pricing that competes with the larger brands, which would you buy?

Watch for future posts on building ‘brand advantage’ into your graphic content.