Fox’s u-bet Original Chocolate Flavor Syrup and California Girl Golden Greek Peppers brand are enhanced by kitsch and simple product description. In the case of Fox’s u-bet, the vintage looking brand is part of the brand story of the lasting favorite. The syrup was developed to make the Original New York Egg Cream in 1904, but on the back you won’t find a story about it, just a recipe. The vintage looking labeling combined with the recipe says, ‘We’re an original, try us.’

The fun, and nearly generic California Girl Golden Greek Pepper brand label is somewhat reminiscent of fruit crate labeling from years past. Showing it’s vintage styled logo and contents only, with no long story about the history of the Golden Greek pepper, it backs into being hip. While both could use design improvements, the kitsch works to their advantage on the shelves.

Kirk’s Original Coco Castile is a definite example of vintage brand working for the product. The beauty industry is saturated with sleek, fashionable marketing images and promises. Some of those promises rely on unnatural, chemical laden product which can be disguised by high end imagery and ample body copy. Kirk’s packaging is simple and clean and focuses on established knowledge as opposed to graphics that distract. This feels like honesty to a consumer.